Returns, Refunds, and Reprints Policy

It rarely happens, but let us say for the sake of the argument that you order something and there is an issue you would like us to resolve. In that case, the first thing we will check if that you sent us your report within five (05) business days counted from the date you received the Product(s). So, make sure to send your claim during that time frame by calling our Customer Service Department at (323) 992-9122 or via email at [email protected].

Once you inform our Customer Service Representative about your issue, then they will document your claim, investigate what could have happened, and resolve the situation.

In some cases, especially those related to defects, we might request digital photos to document the product’s condition. Also, the customer could be required to ship any defective product(s) back at their own expense and in a time frame agreed upon by both parts; in cases where the customer ships back the product’s to, we may reimburse for shipping once we confirm the defect.

However, you must take into consideration that any charges related to expedited orders (rush printing or shipping) are non-refundable for defective products unless the Shipping Company delivers a defective product or fails to deliver an order.

The other thing you need to always take into consideration is turnaround times. We do our best to finish and deliver your jobs as fast as we can. Nonetheless, for reprinted orders, the turnaround times and shipping options may vary due to production capacity or other things that may affect our production speed. In those cases, the turnaround times and shipping options are at our discretion.

In all cases, the turnaround times start after we receive the final proof of approval in written format. The written part is key. Final approvals must always be sent to us in written format. We do not accept verbal approvals.